About me

About me image of Kartik Aggarwal author of SurfContent.com (a digital marketing blog)


I’m Kartik Aggarwal. I’m a digital marketer based out of Ghaziabad, India.

The Journey

I graduated as an Environmental Engineer in 2016, post which I worked in the industry for over a year. While work was fun, I realized that it was not the field for me. I sought something more creative. Something that wasn’t redundant. Something that I could see myself do for a good part of my professional and personal life.

And that “something” came to me a few weeks before the 2020 pandemic started; when I came to know about Digital Marketing and decided to pursue it.

And now, it’s been over a year. I’ve been an integral part of the digital marketing industry. I have undertaken freelance content writing projects and have also worked as an intern for two different companies. 

It was due to these stints in these companies that I was able to comprehend digital marketing as a profession and as an industry. I was able to gain insights in different modules such as content writing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO etc. with the help of my peers and the guidance of my mentors & superiors.

That being said, I believe my journey as a digital marketer has barely begun and I hope to be a visible part of this industry one blogpost at a time.

Why this digital marketing blog?

Everyone comes with his/her own perceptions, personalities and experiences that reflects in the work they do. 

Same, I believe, is the case with me. My experiences of life and digital marketing alike, greatly influences the work I do.

One of these experiences was about the job-related misconceptions I had when I first entered the industry. As a DM beginner with a masters degree in an unrelated field, I found it difficult to navigate through the industry (& I still do). I went from an industry with minimal jobs, to an industry with jobs BUT with conditions. 

And that is something almost every fresher digital marketer faces in the industry.

And that became one of the main motivations for kick-starting this blog. The need to put out  these problems and finding solutions not just for others but for myself as well.

That being said, working on this blog would help me learn digital marketing, execute what I learn, and hopefully do something I always wanted to do. Teach.